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Reference Formulations

Reference formulation Service

Yaoduonet: guangdong Songxia pharmaceutical co., LTD, the big pharmaceutical health industry service platform, committed to China's pharmaceutical research and development to provide the world's original research reference formulation services. With the business philosophy of "absolutely legitimate products, low prices, the fastest import speed and the best quality service". We strive to create a well-known brand in the industry, and form a complete set of one-stop service system of import registration, sales, one-time import processing.

We provide good customer service in strict accordance with the process requirements of "Notice of the CFDA on matters related to the one-time import of controlled drugs needed for research in the development process" (NO. 120, 2016).


Our advantages

I. High-quality foreign suppliers

Ten years ago, due to the research & development and the production needs of pharmaceutical factories, the headquarters of the company had established a long-term cooperative relationship with the APIs, formulation & packaging materials suppliers who got pharmaceutical qualifications in various countries. The United States, Japan, Hong Kong and European countries, ensured that the imported products could be traced to their legal sources, ensure that the imported products are legally sourced and traceable.

At the same time, the worldwide reference formulation information database has been established, which can quickly query the prices and information of the products.http://www.yaoduo.net/cbzjsjk.html

In order to ensure the speed of product supply, we have set up International business departments in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong,the Netherlands and so on.

II. Professional one-time imported drug team

The onetime imported drug project team includes the International Purchasing Department, the registration commissioner, the order service, the Aftersales service, and the drug registration and customs clearance. The registration commissioner can assist foreign information inquiry and free assistance in the preparation & application of the imported drug application materials to ensure the smooth process of one-time import of drugs.


III. Procedures for possession of legal sources of drugs

It can provide foreign invoices, packing list, waybill, certificate of origin, international procurement contract, customs tariff invoice, customs value-added tax invoice, import drug declaration forms, import drug customs clearance forms, import drug write-off approval documents,16% drug value-added tax invoices, company's initial business information and delivery list.

IV. Save time & save worry, One-stop Service

It provides onestop service from the registration of imported drugs,  international procurement, import drug filing, customs clearance, tax payment, and transportation (all by air, normally 1 day from Japan to the port, and 4 days from the United States to the port). Very fast & good service.

V. Import of special products (narcotic drugs & psychotropic drugs)

Import of Special Products (Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Drugs) The company cooperates with foreign suppliers qualified for the export and operation of narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs. And this supplier has been granted import licenses many times by the CFAD. Who can assist enterprises in applying for licenses for the import of narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs. The company has the cold chain transportation conditions to ensure that the whole transportation quality of cryopreserved products can be controlled.

VI. New service items

Global Standards, References, Impurities, Chromatographic consumables Purchasing Services.

Import APIs & excipients and packaging related approval services, we will provide you with global quality APIs & excipients and pharmaceutical packaging materials.

VII. Imported port

We have opened the main Guangzhou port, Shenzhen port, the basic opening of the country's import ports, welcome the provinces have the strength of the enterprise to join our team agent Besides opening the main ports of Guangzhou & Shenzhen, we have also opened all import ports across the country. Welcome powerful enterprises from all provinces to join our team as agents !


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