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International Co-operation


Welcome international cooperators to join us and become our quality international supplier!

The projects we can cooperate are as follows:

I. API, pharmaceutical excipients & pharmaceutical packaging materials

Welcome all the manufactures of APIs, pharmaceutical excipients & pharmaceutical packaging materials from all over the world, provide us with your catalogue. And we can be your sales agent in China and be responsible for the registration & filling in China ( the registration fees are borne by us), as well as the promotion and sale in the Chinese market.

II. The reference formulation

The reference formulation are mainly used for comparative experimental research on Chinese generic drugs. Welcome all the wholesalers with pharmaceutical qualifications to be our quality suppliers. At present, our company has established long-term cooperative relationships with corresponding suppliers in Japan, Hong Kong, the United States, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom and so on.

III. The reference, standard, impurity reference

Welcome the reference, standard and impurity reference products manufacturers that have not yet entered the Chinese market to be our quality suppliers! We can act as your Chinese Agent in China and be responsible for the promotion and sales in the Chinese market.

IV. Import and export of pharmaceutical formulations

Welcome the pharmaceutical manufacturers from all over the world to provide us with pharmaceutical formulations that have been clinically tested, especially on anti-tumor products & ophthalmic products. We will act as your sales agent in China and be responsible for drug registration in China (the registration fee is borne by us). At the same time, our company got more than 120 approved products, which can be exported too. 

V. China's pharmaceutical production plant commissioned overseas

At present, the company's main dosage forms are eye drops, Chinese medicine pills “ Big honey pills, small honey pills, honey pills” large-volume injection and oral liquid, all complying with GMP requirements. International manufacturers are welcome to entrust us with overseas processing!

VI. International pharmacy cooperation

The company is currently carrying out "Internet + Smart Pharmacy" and drug retail licensing units are warmly welcomed to cooperate !

VII. International medical

The company is currently carrying out "Internet + International Telemedicine", mainly for chronic diseases ant- tumors, etc., and welcome organizations which with medical licenses to cooperate!

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